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Ultimate BCAAs 2.0 are the perfect intra-workout formula, designed to push you to intense levels of training while delaying fatigue, speeding recovery and assisting  in increasing muscle growth. High levels of BCAA helps to conserve stores of glutamine and serve as a fuel source for skeletal muscle during metabolic stress (something you will experience when exercising intensely as all bodybuilders and athletes do). BCAAs act directly on muscle cells and promote muscle growth while preventing muscle breakdown.


Ideal for athletes of all sports as well as active men and women looking to recover faster, preserve lean muscle, maintain low body fat and increase workout intensity, our UPS Ultimate BCAA powder is a great solution for everyone.


Our Ultimate BCAAs 2.0, along with all the supplements we produce, are manufactured in a licenced GMP and HACCP accredited facility and go through rigorous testing and retesting before they are made available to you. It is our goal to offer high-quality products to ensure nutritional support to our customers by sourcing our ingredients from world leading certified manufactures.


UPS Ultimate BCAA 2.0 Intra-Workout Formula is 100% Vegan, Naturally Sweetened with Stevia (zero sugar) and comes in four great tasting flavours that are refreshing and easy to drink before, during and after your workout. For the best results, we recommend stacking Ultimate BCAAs 2.0 with our Ultimate L-Carnitine, Ultimate Isolate (100% whey protein isolate) and our soon to be released Ultimate Power 2.0 (Pre-Workout formula).