Cyborg Sport Ultra Leaan PRO

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The long awaited return of ULTRA LEAAN PRO is finally over! Brand new packaging, brand new flavours but still one of the number one EAA product on the market - Ultra Leaan Pro Amino Protein by Cyborg Sport. It's available in a more delicious flavours Mango Pineapple and Peach Iced Tea. Be the first Aussie to try this awesome Amino Acid.

Ultra Leaan Pro by Cyborg Sports is 30-serve Amino Acid Protein Supplement engineered for optimal recovery and muscle protein synthesis without having any gastrointestinal side effects. It is made from free-for Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) which is now 60% more per serve. Each serves is packed with 8g Essential Amino Acids. Ultra Leaan Pro has no fat, no carbs, no lactose, and no dairy content. Plus, the taste is so delicious and mixes clear in water.