Cyborg Sport Real Meal MRP

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If you loved Cyborg Sport Whey-Big, then you're going to love Real Meal MRP!

Real Meal MRP was formulated to replicate a healthy whole meal to create the best meal replacement alternative for those looking to put on muscle mass or even drop body fat! 

Real Meal MRP uses high quality grass fed fast and slow proteins, whole oats, Low Gi Beet Extract and added MCT Oil to help with feeling full and sustained energy. Fortified with a full Vitamin & Mineral blend to classify as a whole meal replacement formula.

Key Benefits:

  • Balanced whole food meal replacment 
  • Assits with healthy  weight gain or Fat Loss
  • 50g Carb / 25g Protein / 7.5g Fat
  • Fast & Slow digesting protein 
  • Added MCT Oil 
  • Full Vitamin & Mineral blend