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BPM Labs Delta Zone – Sleep, Health and Performance

In this fast paced life of working longer hours and scrambling to meet demands of the day, people are continuously cutting down on sleep to meet these daily requirements. I mean who needs sleep anyway!? Well, the truth is, we need it more than you think. Reduced sleep or even reduced quality of sleep will lead to a plethora of negative health effects besides the obvious toll on your moods, energy and ability to handle daily stress.

By understanding exactly how crucial sleep is to the human body, we can start to make the necessary adjustments to increase quality of sleep whilst also making dramatic changes to our body shape, fat loss, health and performance. High quality sleep directly affects every aspect of your life - including mental sharpness, productivity, emotional control, creativity, vitality, weight loss, muscle tone and longevity. There is literally NO other exercise with this many health benefits and such little effort.

When I refer to quality sleep, I am referring to deep or ‘REM’ sleep. This is considered the magic time when the body is going through its biological maintenance and ensuring that you are running in optimal condition as it prepares you for the next day. REM sleep is responsible for the majority of muscle growth, fat loss and biological as well as mental recuperation. Simply put, without efficient REM sleep, we are headed for mental and physical breakdown.

In other words, increase your quality of sleep and not only will you actually improve your productivity and achieve more, but your health and body will never feel better. This can all be achieved with the same hours in the day, simply by ensuring we get the recommended 8 hours of sleep and utilise a high quality, natural sleep formula such as BPM Labs Delta Zone.

Delta Zone contains naturally existing herbs and nutrients that relax the body physically and mentally whilst preparing you for sleep. Delta Zone goes a step further then sleeping tablets by increasing the quality of sleep. Sleeping tablets will knock you out BUT they will not increase the quality or REM side of sleep, which is why when using sleep tablets, you wake up drowsy. Remember, REM sleep is the effective period of sleep when the magic happens.

Delta Zone not only helps you sleep, but it increases the time spent in REM. This equates to higher levels of recuperation and increased levels of healthy hormones such as HGH, this will lead to further increases in muscle tone whilst your health and performance take a much needed boost and you wake up with much more ‘bounce’ in your step.