ASN MP50 Mass Gainer

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SN – Advanced Sports Nutrition’s MP50 Massive Weight Gainer protein brings you the latest in protein technology to help you put on mass fast.

ASN Advanced Sports Nutrition is proud to announce the introduction of a milk protein isolate comprising of specific ratios of both whey and casein, bound in a sustained release matrix. This specially developed product contains proteins and amino acids (of various sequence lengths) with specific receptor binding sites for myoblast and hormone expression as well as NANO Glutamine and NANO Creatine for enhanced muscle volumization. By providing a weight gain protein which has myoblast expression-like properties, mass gain is achieved through an increase in muscle mass rather than body-fat typical of other mass gainer supplements. This makes MP50 the world’s best weight gain protein and the most effective sports nutrition product when it comes to putting on mass quickly and safely.