Mass Gainers for putting on size!

What is the most important nutritional requirement to build muscle mass at the fastest possible rate?


Is it protein intake? The ratio of protein, carbs and fats?


The answer is, the most important nutritional requirement to build maximum muscle mass is a calorie surplus!


While it's true that you can build muscle in a deficit, or at maintenance calories and you do need a minimum protein requirement, building muscle is an energy expensive process and in order to build it at the optimal rate you need to be consuming more calories than you are burning. 


For those of you with a fast metabolism or a very active job sometimes eating enough calories can become difficult, which is why in instances such as there we recommend more calorie dense formulas than a traditional protein shake. Come down and ask us about our range of "Weight Gainers" and we can find the one most suitable for you and remember if the scales aren't going up, you're not truly in a calorie surplus, so eat and drink up!

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