Ultimate Fat Loss Pack

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The Ultimate Fat Loss Pack was designed to focus on the main areas when it comes to losing body fat. 

We commonly see the same issues arise time-and-time again and have made this pack to make the decision of what supplements to take easier and assist with the following areas:

  • Euphoric & Sustained Energy (Prometheus)
  • Appetite Supression (Prometheus)
  • Loss in fluid retention by regulating Aldosterone and Estrogen (Prometheus & Etox)
  • Mood Enhancement (Prometheus & Etox)
  • Increase in lean muscle tissue (Etox)
  • Estrogen Detoxification (Etox)
  • Increased Metabolism (Prometheus & ThyroTwi)
  • Thermogenic effect (Prometheus & ThyroTwin) 
  • Heightened Insulin Sensitivity (ThyroTwin & Prometheus)

Most Efficient way to use this product:

2-4 Cappsules Prometheus, 1-2 Capsules of ThyroTwin & 1 Capsules of Etox


This Pack is not intended to be used for beginners, people under the age of 18, those stimulant sensitive or any pre-existing medical conditions.