Slimtum Prometheus

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• Used by professional fitness athletes
• Balanced, positive feeling formula
• Potent, long lasting energy
• Strongly thermogenic action
• Convenient capsule form


Slimtum® Prometheus is one of the most effective and sought after fat burners you can find. A secret of professional fitness athletes and coaches in Australia for years, it has supported the competition preparations of many of Australia's top competitors. Widely regarded for its excellent balance, positive yet potent energy and extreme performance, Prometheus delivers absolutely next level fat burning results - without negatives.

Prometheus has an updated formula for 2021, and in this case, updated is better! Careful formulation has given the new Prometheus a slightly higher - but smoother - boost to energy and the formula has been updated with the best thermogenic fat burner action in its class. You really will feel the heat! Coaches approve, athletes are raving about it, you simply won't find anything that matches it.

If you haven't experienced Slimtum's fat burner Prometheus already, here's what everyday reviewers have to say:

"Best fat burner on the market, hands down 10/10 recommend."

"This product works like nothing else without any of the side effects. Massive lift in endurance and focus... I've been crushing (HIIT) workouts on it... No nasty crash. Great hunger suppressant."

"I've lost four kilos. My appetite is just not as aggressive as it used to be."